Sale & Leaseback


If you are considering a sale and leaseback of your property, Parker Barras can assist your business to receive 100% of the properties value. 

We are seen an ever increasing demand for this service, with rising costs, supply issues, compounded by Covid and Brexit, availability of commercial credit is low, banks typically lend 60% of the assets value. More and more businesses are turning towards sale & leaseback.

Benefits of Sale & Leaseback:

  • Release capital to increase liquidity
  • Provide access to alternative capital sources
  • Free up capital to fund other lucrative business investments such as machinery or new technology
  • Capitalise on attractive property market sale conditions
  • Raise money without loosing control of your business

Through a sale and leaseback, the owner of a property sells the asset to an investor who immediately leases the premises back to the vendor. In simple terms, the asset owner sells the property to a property investor, who immediately becomes their landlord.

The lease agreement is negotiated to suit the organisational needs of the company and the transaction enables a business to receive 100% of the property’s value.

Parker Barras can help extract maximum benefit from this type of transaction, navigating clients through what can be a complex process and helping them become more flexible, agile and generate liquidity. 

For more information and a no obligation consultation please call 01642 987987

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